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The Good Grow Great Podcast

Jan 27, 2021

What if you can have 10, 20+ years of wealth of information, advice, and words from others who have gone through successes and their own epic fails, and BORROW their wisdom, their playbook?

Well, today, that’s exactly what we’re bringing. We have 3 people weigh in on our episode today.

James George, a 10+ year business owner who said that he “started my business out of a necessity to feed my family and to build a business and career for myself”

Now, he is a published author, he owns GSquaredStudios, and he’s featured on CityView’s Best of Best 2020 award,  UpCity Marketplace, and is named “Expertise’s 2020 Best Web Developers in Knoxville TN”.

He will be sharing with us a few key nuggets, including:

  • The ultimate book set that he absolutely inhaled and what YOU also need on your bookshelf.
  • How to expect the unexpected, and the surprise he received when someone opened their door when he delivered pizza.


Dr. Kate Ricciardi, went from struggling with her own health to doctor of physical therapy and registered dietitian and nutritionist to practicing for 15+ years and sharing ways that she said people can try to reduce symptoms by up to 80% in 3 weeks.

She also shared with us why:

  • Like her, you don’t have to love to cook to stay healthy. And,
  • Some foods you didn’t know are important so that you can perform at your very best


Tim Porter, who’s owned his business for almost 20 years, started his journey with an MBA and as a financial consultant, but quickly realized that he has more important things to do, including, becoming a marketplace minister, and I’ll share a link to his concept in the show notes if you’re curious to learn more about what this means. Among many things he’s sharing with us,

He is sharing with us how he was asked to LEAVE a JOB because he was making too much money. So he’s sharing with us:

  • How to deal with power struggles in the workplace, or even in your business, and
  • What to do if you are in a crowded and saturated space.


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