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The Good Grow Great Podcast

Nov 18, 2020

One of my students came up to me once and asked me, “Thalia, how do you know when to go for the ask?

Whether this is about asking for a job, or asking for someone to buy what you have--this is probably as tricky as protocols on asking someone to move in with you or deciding how not to offend the neighbor who has been WAY too loud at night.

It’s like walking on eggshells.

But does it have to be?

Because think of a time you just clicked with someone you just met. Or the time when you walked into a restaurant, knew exactly what to get, and smacked your lips as you tuck into your meal. Or even the time when you picked up a book and you were like, OMG, this is exactly what I need right now!

Being able to read anyone in a deeper way so that both sides share this amazing experience, especially when you own a business, is SO important.

And reading anyone is actually MUCH more than just about the things you’ve heard before: body language or even psychology—though they do play some role.

Those are just the tip of the iceberg.

On a deeper level, I dive into how to read other anyone and talk:

  • 5 mistakes to avoid when you’re trying to read someone.
  • How not to embarrass yourself when asking for what you want.
  • Things that most charismatic leaders know about reading anyone.
  • What reading someone else has to do with reading yourself.
  • Ways you can read anyone TODAY.
  • Signs that they are ready to move forward.
  • And much more.

This is useful if you’re looking to get more business, get a new job, earn more, have better relationships, or just plain old do things that matter while being successful at it.

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