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The Good Grow Great Podcast

Jul 8, 2020

Recently I spent hours learning something new: fishing.

When I saw a small little guy swim by. When I looked closer though, I realized that the little fish is actually more like a 30” trout!

For someone who had close to ZERO fishing experience like me, I can tell that things were about to go DOWN! I can feel that I was about to catch a fish!

Except … I didn’t.


I turned to an unlikely source of knowledge: a 10-year old next to me who caught not just one, but TWO fish in under one hour. While I had a big, fat, ZERO. Twenty minutes and two extraordinary insights later from this unassuming expert, my results started to improve, and I caught my first fish!

Have you ever taken a small, yet meaningful step that makes all the difference?

What if you can do this, too, to create meaningful work, earn handsomely, and support other people live extraordinary lives?

This is why in this episode, I wanted to share with you a small yet meaningful topic that can make massive waves in your life, work, or business.


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The topic of mental health has traditionally been separate from business. Which recently, though, I’ve been much more passionate about. And it’s really because year after year, one thing kept repeating itself: if the personal stuff is in shambles, work or business will likely suffer. Sure, there are moments when you can just tough it out.

But why do that when you can actually make your personal life (and therefore your business) better?

Which is why this week, I’m sitting down with GoogleTalk and TEDx speaker Dr. Leslie Carr to talk about:

  • How to continue to work from home and do the things you love, even with a full house.
  • How to make choices and lean on creating business opportunities, even with everything that’s going on.
  • What to do if you’re TIRED of all the video-conferencing!

Specifically, Growth Solvers, here are some takeaways from the chat that you can use, improve, modify, and amplify to fit your life and your business.

  • 05:37 How following your gut (even from an early age) pays off.
  • 06:32 Real challenges that people are facing right now that can help you decide how to show up for your clients, customers, and audience.
  • 08:20 How every single person’s experience is different and what that means in deciding what to do with your life, work, and business.
  • 11:04 How to choose what to do with your time.
  • 12:45 How to amplify your opportunities at any point.
  • 13:20 How to take the reign and reevaluate what you want your work, life, and business to look like.
  • 14:12 What most people forget when they are at a fork on the road.
  • 15:00 How to set the right boundaries so that you don’t feel like you get stuck doing things you don’t want.
  • 17:44 The surprising consequence of using business as an excuse to not focus the right things.
  • 18:58 How to stick with what you like to do, even when you’re stuck at home.
  • 20:16 How to turn disadvantages into discoveries of better ways to work, live, and run a business—EVEN IF you have kids!
  • 21:44 What to do when you feel like your back is against the wall.
  • 22:30 What to do if you’re TIRED of video-conferencing.
  • 24:10 How to say NO, even when everyone else is doing something you’re not up to doing.
  • 28:00 The surprising effect COVID-19 has in how we make decisions moving forward.
  • 30:00 What matters most in our relationship with work, business, and other people


You see … as much as we might want to deny it, work life IS tied pretty closely to our personal life. So I hope as you listen to this episode, it’ll fire you up in looking for ways to make BOTH parts of your life even better. And all the more meaningful.


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