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The Good Grow Great Podcast

Jul 28, 2021

Ever felt like you have a 'thing', something unusual, or something people may have looked down upon? And that is the reason why you haven't QUITE got there?

Daniel Mangena, after diagnosed with the social-anxiety related medical condition called Asperger, has went on and got featured on the Wall Street Journal, CBS,...

Jul 27, 2021

Do you sometimes see people who have ‘more’ than you?

Whether they seem to have a better life, post things online that make you feel behind, or they always look like they’re having an awesome time, it’s often hard these days to NOT feel like you’re not doing enough work to get to where you want to be.

So if...

Jul 21, 2021

If you’re left on your own in the middle of the ocean, what would you do?

Because isn’t this the essence of anyone’s life if you’re passionate about something that you don’t get a lot of support for? Or if you’re doing something that you believe in that others don’t necessarily believe in as well?


Jul 20, 2021

Is it possible to be completely unknown, yet reach stratospheric success?


I always believe that you could.


But not everyone believes this. Because we’ve been fed the idea that you HAVE to have a MASSIVE following, hundreds of thousands of people knowing you – before you see any sign of impact and success.


Jul 14, 2021

What if you only need to do ONE thing right first, to create a new income stream?

It’s hard to know exactly nowadays who to listen to. From advice on business card, the right connection, website, and on and on – what exactly DO you need before creating a new income stream?

There’s a lot of question about how to...