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The Good Grow Great Podcast

Jan 29, 2021

On improving your insides and your mindset through Neurobiology & Rock-Climbing

Isn't it weird how we'd KNOW all the right things we have to do, and yet we just can't seem to get there?

Today, we talk about:

  • Why it's not too late to be successful and find a fulfilling life, even if you've experienced awful things...

Jan 27, 2021

What if you can have 10, 20+ years of wealth of information, advice, and words from others who have gone through successes and their own epic fails, and BORROW their wisdom, their playbook?

Well, today, that’s exactly what we’re bringing. We have 3 people weigh in on our episode today.

James George, a 10+ year...

Jan 26, 2021

What if we know exactly why we didn't hit our target goals?

In this episode, we’re covering:

  • A 5-10 seconds exercise for discovering things that can help you win your day. 
  • Hitting a goal: How I hit near bullseye with my new archery set without training, and how you can also use this technique to hit your target...

Jan 22, 2021

Imagine working from home, but STILL achieving everything you set yourself to do.

Working from home doesn't have to mean that you don't get anything done. Having people around you all the time, like your partner, roommate, or even kids, don't always have to mean that you have to sacrifice your work.

Today, Mollee...

Jan 20, 2021

Can you really turn your hobby into a source of income?

What if that favorite thing you LOVE doing every day, like watching movies, or going outside, or biking, or painting, or a particular craft that you do -- allows you to become your own boss?

In today’s episode, we sit down with a 10+ year Gemologist, Lucy Walker,...